The Iowa House overwhelmingly supported a “big deal” Wednesday to boost the renewable fuels industry and farmers by mandating that retailers offer products to consumers containing more ethanol.

Passage of House File 2128 will not only spur demand for ethanol and produce savings for motorists, but promote use of the Iowa corn-based ethanol beyond the state’s borders, backers said.

“Iowa is the leader in developing it and this is a big deal where we’re standing up and moving this forward,” Hein said.

If the bill, a priority for Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, is approved next by the Iowa Senate, more than half of Iowa fuel retailers would be required to offer E15 on at least one pump, and after January 2023 new stations and those that install new pumps would have to offer E15 from at least half of their dispensers.

Small retailers with outdated or incompatible equipment would be eligible for waivers.

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