Majorities of Iowans favor cutting property taxes and gradually eliminating the state’s individual income tax, according to a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll. 

Fifty-eight percent of Iowans say they favor initiatives to “cut property taxes, limiting what local governments could spend on services.” Thirty-four percent are opposed and 8% are not sure. 

And 56% of Iowans favor “gradually reducing the state’s individual income tax rate until it is eliminated.” One-third of Iowans are opposed and 11% are not sure. 


David Warner, a Republican poll respondent from rural Altoona, favors cutting both. 

“Property taxes, I think, are pretty high. Vehicles, I think, are pretty high. Plus, we’re paying 6% or more in some counties on sales tax,” he said. “My gosh, where does it end?” 

Iowa lawmakers looking to cut property taxes and individual income taxes.

Legislative Republicans, who hold large majorities in the Iowa House and Senate, are considering bills that would cut both kinds of taxes. 

Republican leaders have said property tax cuts are a priority this year, pointing to rapidly rising home assessments and complaints from residents about their bills. 

Lawmakers have yet to agree on an approach to property taxes, but they are considering several ideas, including reducing certain tax levies, consolidating other levies and limiting how much property tax rates can grow each year. 

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