Majorities of Iowans support Republican legislation to restrict instruction on LGBTQ topics in schools and ban gender-affirming care for transgender minors, according to a new Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll. 


More than half of Iowa adults approve of the approach the GOP-dominated Iowa Legislature is taking on each of these key LGBTQ issues. 

Fifty-four percent of Iowa adults say they favor bills that would ban teaching about gender identity, and the same percentage say they favor legislation banning instruction on sexual orientation. A slightly smaller majority, 52%, say they favor a ban on gender-affirming medical treatment for minors. 


Senate File 538 would prohibit Iowa doctors from prescribing puberty blockers, hormone therapy or gender-affirming surgery to transgender people under 18. The bill passed through both chambers of the Legislature and is ready to be signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds. 

A majority of Iowans, 52%, support banning gender-affirming medical treatment for transgender or nonbinary minors. Forty-three percent of Iowans oppose the idea.  

Fifty percent of Iowans with children under 18 favor the ban, with 44% opposed. 


There are several proposals on the move at the Iowa Capitol to restrict teachers from instruction on  LGBTQ concepts in kindergarten through sixth grade. 

Fifty-four percent of Iowans say they support a ban on teaching about gender identity, the Iowa Poll found. 

Also, 54% say they favor a ban on teaching about sexual orientation in kindergarten through sixth grade. In each case, 44% oppose the bills. 

Iowans with children under 18 favor the policies at a slightly higher rate. Sixty percent say schools should prohibit teaching about gender identity through sixth grade, and 57% support a ban on teaching about sexual orientation for the same grade levels. 

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