(DES MOINES) -- Iowa House Republicans have released their Justice Systems budget bill containing a substantial increase in funding for the Department of Corrections.  The Iowa House's budget allocates more than $20 million new dollars to the Department of Corrections, covering nine prisons and nine community-based correctional facilities.  

This increase marks the biggest increase to the Department of Corrections' budget since Fiscal Year 2012 when the department received an additional $19.3 million. 

Other highlights of the bill include $9.4 million in new money for the Department of Public Safety. In addition, the bill allocates $2.5 million to the Public Safety Equipment Fund to ensure the Department of Public Safety has the most up-to-date equipment and can stay on top of equipment maintenance. The Rebuild Iowa Infrasture Fund budget also allocates $2.5 million to the Public Safety Equipment Fund, bringing the total to $5 million. 

The full bill is available HERE


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