This Week's House GOP Newsletter - June 13, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Next Steps for Schools, Agencies, with Launch of Statewide Special Education Portal
    • First in the nation portal allows families to connect with schools and Area Education Agencies to support their learner’s special education progress
  • Iowa Department of Education Seeks Public Feedback on Rubric to Evaluate Evidence-Based Professional Development
    • The Department will develop a list of evidence-based professional development services informed by expert reviews based on a public rubric
  • New Consumable Hemp Rules Proposed
    • THC is capped at 4mg per serving and 10mg max per container, Consumable hemp products cannot be sold to those under 21 years of age, Prohibits alcoholic beverages from being mixed with hemp products in a licensed facility
  • Report Finds Republican Tax Cuts in Iowa will Create Jobs and Grow the Economy
    • The positive tax changes for individuals in 2018, 2022 and 2024 were all done over the vocal opposition of Democrats
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - May 30, 2024

Highlights in this edition: 

  • House Republicans Continue to Support Teachers
    • Facts are stubborn things and the facts detail key legislation supporting and protecting teachers
  • Mental Health Continues to be a State Priority 
    • $750,000 from the Autism Support Fund to be used for new ChildServe buildings to care for children with autism 
  • Key Points of Interest with Public Safety Funding
    • The Department of Public Safety saw an increase of nearly $1.2 million for priorities like narcotics enforcement 
  • Tuesday June 4 is Election Day for Primaries
    • Voters who have requested and received an absentee ballot for the June primary must be received by the County Auditor's office no later than 8:00 PM on June 3
  • Tax Relief for Iowa Storm and Tornado Victims
    • The Internal Revenue Service announced tax relief for individuals and businesses in Iowa that were affected by severe storms and tornadoes that occurred on April 26,2024
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - May 16, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Ready for Implementation as Governor Signs Appropriation Bills
    • 2.5 percent increase in state aid to schools, which is projected to be an additional $87.2 million given to schools next school year plus $66.3 million in new funding to raise teacher salaries and an additional $14 million to increase pay to paraeducators and other school support staff
  • Secretary Naig Thanks Governor Reynolds, Legislature for Strong Support of Iowa Agriculture
    • Iowa’s prohibition on the foreign ownership of farmland will continue to be a model for other states
  • Teacher Salary Increase, Evidence Based Reading Instruction Bills Headline Education Bills Signed into Law
    • HF 2618, requires evidence-based reading instruction and tailored interventions for students who aren’t proficient
  • Biden Administration Favors Illegal Immigrants Over Iowans
    • Instead of protecting our borders, the United States Federal Government has decided to sue the state of Iowa for taking action against illegal immigration
  • Governor Signs Increase to Contribution Maximums for Educational Savings Plan Trusts
    • HF 2667 increases the income deduction limit on contributions to College Savings Iowa accounts by almost $1500
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 18th, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Support for Affordable Housing and School Cybersecurity Highlight Accomplishments
    • The Housing Trust Fund that supports affordable housing saw an increase in funding, SAVE funds can now be used for cybersecurity
  • House Pushes Left Leaning Ideology out of Education
    • Education data suggests that the lack of specific standards and a deemphasis on civics and history is having an alarmingly negative effect on students
  • Top Health Care Accomplishments
    • Rural Emergency Hospitals, Family Medicine OB Fellowships and Postpartum Coverage were key priorities for House Republicans
  • Election Security Remains a Priority
    • Safeguards around absentee ballots were strengthened
  • Child Care and Adoption Tax Credit Top Ways & Means Successes
    • Child Care Centers see a property tax cut and the adoption tax credit saw a significant increase
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 15th, 2024


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 11, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Budget Work Picks Up Pace as House, Senate Appropriations Bills Unveiled
    • This important step allows Iowans to draw some comparisons between the different approaches of the two chambers
  • IEDA Awards CAT Grants and Sports Tourism Grant
    • Fort Dodge, Atlantic, Clear Lake, Mt. Pleasant, Kalona, Clayton County, Carroll, Rock Valley, Mt. Ayr and Newton all received grants
  • Programs that Help Workers
    • The adult and dislocated worker programs are designed to assist unemployed and underemployed Iowans to improve their skills and obtain quality employment
  • Connecting Public Dollars to Charitable Services
    • Another tool for local governments to utilize public dollars to help those in their communities who need assistance
  • Governor Signs Bill on Foreign Ownership of Land into Law
    • The new law increases reporting requirements, increases enforcement of current laws, and authorizes the Attorney General’s office to investigate reports of potential violations of Iowa’s laws concerning foreign ownership
  • House Passes Iowa Rural Development Tax Credit Program
    • The bill will save Iowans $1.8 million annually
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 8th, 2024

HF 2646 – Final Disposition of Remaining UST Funds

HF 2644 – Court Reporter Equipment Incentive Fund

HF 2681 – Traffic Cameras

HF 2686 – Government Realignment Clean Up

HF 2574 – Boards and Commissions Strike After Amendment Division Analysis

HF 2531 – Cabaret and Nuisance Violations

HF 2641 – IDALS Code Updates and Choose Iowa Promotional Program Code modifications

SF 2071 – Bingo Prizes

HF 2684 – Out of State Cannabidiol Registration Cards

HF 2463 – Driving Privileges for Drivers Under 18

SF 2370 – Governor’s Rules Bill


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 4th, 2024

Highlights in this edition: 

  • House Republicans Release Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2025
    • The budget outlines an increase of $402.8 million over the current year spending level of $8.55 billion
  • Department Seeks Public Input on Literacy Standards
    • The Iowa Department of Education is hosting a series of public forums seeking input on proposed updates to the state's literacy standards
  • House Advances Maternal Health Legislation
    • Medicaid postpartum coverage eligibility is extended to one year after birth and funding goes directly to entities helping pregnant women with prenatal nutrition, family economic self-sufficiency, housing, childcare, purchasing cribs, car seats, formula, and other things
  • Governor Reynolds Signs Iowa's Religious Freedom Restoration Act
    • The debate made clear Democrats do not understand RFRA or what religious liberty actually means
  • House Passes Iowa Rural Development Tax Credit Program
    • The program targets business with fewer than 250 employees and are not located in one of the 12 most populous counties in the state
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 1st, 2024


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - March 28th, 2024

Highlights in this edition: 

  • Governor Reynolds signs AEA, Teacher Salary Increase Bill
    • Beginning teacher salaries rise to $50,000
  • House Advances Child Care Legislation with $43 Million Impact
    • The Child Care Assistance Program sees an increase in funding
  • Texas-Style Crackdown on Illegal Immigration Goes to Governor
    • If a person has previously been caught in the country illegally and they later enter Iowa they are guilty of the crime of reentry into the state
  • House Passes Bill to Expand Tax Income Deductions for 529 Contributions
    • Allows tax free transfers from an Iowa College Savings Account to a qualifies Roth Individual Retirement Account
  • Changes to Minor Driving Privileges Move Forward
    • A student with this license is now limited to 25 miles, on the most direct route, in how far they could drive
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