Bill Analyses - Week of February 12, 2023


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - February 16th, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • How Much Sports Wagering Tax Money is Iowa Collecting?  A Lot More Than Expected
    • Through January 2023, $1.4 billion has been wagered through Iowa casinos on sporting events with 8.4 million collected in taxes
  • Protect Children, Support Parents - Education Committee Prohibits Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Instruction in K-6
    • Children in these grades should be focused on curriculum and instruction in math, science, language arts and history
  • Tone Deaf House Democrats Fail to Support Hunting and Fishing Rights
    • Last year radical activists in Oregon attempted to ban and criminalize all hunting, fishing and farming through a statewide petition
  • How Much Does a Snowstorm Cost to Clean Up?
    • Through Valentine’s Day, the Department has spent a total of $25 million on winter operations
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Bill Analyses - Week of February 6th


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - February 9, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • January Revenue Remains Strong as Tax Cuts Go Into Effect
    • Through the first seven months of the fiscal year, state revenue is 4.2 percent higher than in Fiscal Year 2022
  • House Passes increase of $106.8 Million for Schools
    • The State Cost Per Pupil (SCPP) amount on which the school aid formula is based increases from $7413 to $7635, a $222 increase 
  • House Republicans Continue to Prioritize Access to Child Care
    • HSB 50 creates a two-year pilot program making child care workers eligible for child care assistance for their own children
  • Age-Appropriate Material in Classrooms Topic of Oversight Meeting
    • Comments from parents cited the graphic sexual images, explicit sexual content and disturbing accounts of violent sexual assault, rape and pedophilia as not age appropriate
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Bill Analyses - Week of January 30th, 2023


This week's House GOP Newsletter - February 2, 2023

  • Education Committee passes Regent Teacher Preparation Program Review and Parental Rights Bills
    • House File 7 prohibits a school district from hiding information about students from that student’s parents or guardians
  • House Judiciary Passes Common Sense Bills
    • HF 112 allows county attorneys to look at previous convictions of domestic abuse in order to increase the penalty for an abuser
  • AG Bird and 24 other Attorneys General Sue Biden Administration Over ESG Rule
    • The lawsuit joined by the state of Iowa intends to protect employees’ pension plans by keeping politically motivated investment policies in check
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Bill Analyses - Week of January 23rd

House File 94 - Movie Prop Money

House File 68 - Students First Act

House Resolution 3 - House Rules

House File 93 - Mental Health Providers Non-Competes


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - January 26, 2023

  • House Republicans Commitment to Fiscal Discipline Ensures Financial Viability of Students First Act
    • After full implementation of the program, the state’s ending balance at the end of FY 2029 is expected to be $3.5 billion while the Taxpayer Relief Fund grows to $3.7 billion
  • School Choice Bill is Pro-Parent, Pro-Student
    • At the end of the day, parents — not schools — are responsible for raising their children. Put simply, parents parent and teachers teach
  • Rural Emergency Hospital Legislation Advances
    • Iowa House Republicans to ensure access to emergency care in rural areas
  • No More Withholding…Pensions are Exempt!
    • The 2022 tax cut (House File 2317) excludes retirement income from Iowa taxable income starting January 1, 2023
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - January 19, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • December’s Revenue Figures Continue to Show State Revenue Growth
    • State tax collections for the month amounted to nearly $900 million, helping to push overall revenue growth for the year to 4.8 percent
  • School Choice: Myths and Facts on Affordability and Other Topics
    • The Governor’s school choice proposal fits within long-term budget parameters
  • Four Million Granted for Housing Projects
    • The projects awarded funding are leveraging an additional $3.3 million in additional funding
  • Prohibiting Non-Competes for Mental Health Providers
    • This bill will allow mental health providers to continue to see their patients without wasting time and money battling with an employer in court
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - January 12, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • Governor Releases FY 2024 Budget Proposal
    • Many line items are proposed to be moved to different agencies
  • Governor Reynolds Outlines Education Savings Accounts
    • For parents who choose to enroll their children in private school, they will have access to $7,598, which is the same amount of state funding per public school student, to use for tuition, fees
  • What are ESG Policies?
    • ESG ratings demand more adherence to diversity quotas, social justice messaging, and critical race training for employees
  • House File 1—Property Tax Reform
    • HF 1 shifts the narrative on property tax reform from providing certainty to government budgets to providing certainty to the taxpayer’s budget
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