This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 27, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • How House Republicans Created the Taxpayer Relief Fund
    • At the behest of House Republicans, the Fund was created in 2011
  • Parent Empowerment, Teacher Empowerment Bills Receive Approval
    • Led by House Republicans, the Legislature has made clear where the lines of control exist when it comes to parental responsibility and a school district’s responsibility
  • HHS Budget Provides Increase for Mental Health, Nursing Homes
    • This budget provides $13 million in increased state funding towards mental health
  • House Budget Provides Increase to Veterans Home Ownership
    • This program provides a $5,000 grant to service members for a down payment and closing costs toward the purchase of a new home in Iowa
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 14th, 2023

HF 327 – Chapter 12 Reforms

SF 478 – Information Made Available to the Auditor

SF 496 –Parent Empowerment

SF 411 – Energy Preemption

HF 358 – Eluding

HF 639 – Governor’s Office of Apprenticeship

SF 418 – China – Public Fund Investment

SF 250 – Computer Science Professional Development Fund

HF 717 – Section 42 Housing Valuation

SF 329 – Leave of Absence

HF 681 – Sales Tax Exemption – County Fairs

SF 362 – Statute of Limitations – Fourth Degree Sexual Assault

HF 714 – Merchant Line Timeline

HF 687 – Municipal Police and Firefighter Disability

HF 703 – Hoover Tax Credit

HF 718 – Property Tax Relief (Would need unanimous consent.)


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 20, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • What is in the So-Called “Child Labor” bill?!
    • The fearmongering and misleading information about this bill is staggering
  • House Child Care Bills Await Senate Action
    • House File 707 unanimously to increases child care provider rates by $10.8 million and expands eligibility of the Child Care Assistance Program
  • Summary of New Firearms Bill
    • Some schools are authorizing teachers and others to have firearms for building security
  • House Republican Property Tax Plan Adds Certainty for Taxpayers While Also Cutting Property Taxes
    • It is obvious House Republicans have chosen the side of the property taxpayers over the property tax collectors
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 13, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • House Budget Process Continues to Move Forward
    • House Republicans continue to lead the way in developing the state’s budget and operating in an open and transparent manner
  • What is in the Welfare Reform Legislation?
    • This bill is estimated to save the state $8 million
  • House Passes Dog Freedom Bill
    • The bill allows Iowans the freedom to own whichever breed of dog they choose
  • House Passes Adoption Tax Credit Increase
    • By 2025 it is increased to $10,000 per adoption
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 10th, 2023

HF 688 – AARC Rules

HF 461 – Boiler Inspections

HF 663 – Rescheduling Annual Tax Sales

SF 193 – Removal of Human Remains

SF 315 – Raw Milk

HF 674 – Vehicle Registration by County Treasurers and Fees

SF 399 – Regulations of Spray Pads, Swimming Pools and Spas

HF 351 – Adoption Tax Credit Increase

HF 670 – Veterinary Practice Code Changes and Updates

HF 654 – Firearms

HF 572 – Intrusion, Surveillance by Remote Piloted Aircraft

HF 675 – Model Money Transmission Modernization Act

SF 388 – OCIO – Federal Funding Conflicts

HF 666 – IDALS Code Updates, Clean-Up, and Renewable Diesel Definition

HF 672 – Permanent Masters License

HF 685 – Medicaid Lien and MCO Tax

SF 183 – Retirement Age of Peace Officers and Firefighters

HF 680 – Nonresident Driver’s License

HF 651 – Dog Breed Bans

SF 519 – Electronic County Registration Renewals of Off-Road Utility Vehicles

HF 671 – Professional Counselors Licensure Compact

SF 527 – All-Systems Permit Amendments

HF 677 – Native Winery Retail Licenses

HF 353 – Levees and Drainage Districts – Property Tax Exemption


Bill Analyses - Week of April 3rd, 2023

HF 646 – Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

HF 564 – CINA Cases Criminal History

SF 359 – Charging Procedure for Scheduled Violations of Weight Limits

HF 174 – PT Referral for Imaging

SF 490 – Authorized Parties to Receive Accident Reports

SF 473 – ILHAC Code Update

SF 219 – Tattooing Education

HF 655 – Uniform Limited Liability Company Act

SJR 9 – Constitutional Amendment to Define Electors

SF 527 – All-Systems Permit Amendments

SF 496 – Governor Parent Empowerment with Amendment

HF 359 – Bridge Orders

SF 135 – Interior Designers

SF 197 – Land Surveyor Licensing


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 6, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • House Republicans Release Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2024
    • Budget subcommittees have already begun work on the individual line items
  • ESA FAQs
    • Funds will be deposited into an education savings account (ESA) to be used for tuition, fees, and other qualified education expenses as specified in the legislation
  • Key Health Care Bills Await Senate Floor Action
    • House File 174 allows physical therapists to order x-rays and MRIs for their patients
  • Mad About Your New Property Tax Assessment?
    • A property owner may protest an assessment between April 2 and April 30
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - March 30, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • Iowa Supreme Court Ruling Will Likely Change Legislative Budget Process
    • One of the biggest changes will be the likely demise of what was the Standings bill
  • Democrats Want Government to Control Your Energy Use
    • What Democrats cannot achieve through persuasion, they hope to achieve through government mandate
  • Medicaid Public Health Emergency Finally Set to End
    • For the last two and a half years, an estimated 100,000 ineligible Iowans have received free health insurance without paying any premiums or copays
  • Right-to-Work: What is it and Why is it Successful?
    • Right-to-work laws positively impact individual well-being using metrics such as life satisfaction and economic sentiment
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This Week's GOP Newsletter - March 23, 2023

Highlights in this edition:

  • Gambling Revenues Remain Strong in FY 2023
    • Tax revenue from sports wagering continues to increase beyond what had been predicted when it was legalized in 2019
  • House Passes Teacher Empowerment Bill
    • Administrators cannot penalize them for defending themselves or for reporting bad behaviors inside their classrooms
  • Cutting Bureaucracy and Restyling Licensing in the Hair Industry
    • HF 652 combines the Board of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences and the Board of Barbering
  • House Ways and Means Creates a Buzz with Honey Bee Tax Exemption
    • The bill Exempts the sales price of honey bees from the state sales and use tax
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Bill Analyses - Week of March 20th, 2023

HF 657 – Preservation of Evidence

HF 462 – Medicare Supplemental

HF 634 – Time of Transfer Inspection Fraud And Penalties

HF 625 – Mandatory Minimum Sentence – Felons in Possession of Firearms

HF 615 – Home School Credentialing

HF 547 – Early Termination of Lease

HF 265 – Midwifery Licensure

HF 668 – Property Tax on Child Care Centers

HF 253 – Charter School Extracurricular Activities

HF 281 – County Supervisor Representation Plans

HF 349 – Probation

HF 420 – Subunits for 10 Member Boards of Review

HF 467 – EOB – Secondary Insurance

HF 585 – Residency Requirement for State Transportation Commission Members

HF 595 – Controlled Substance

HF 565 - Eminent Domain

HF 548 - Forcible Entry and Detainer Action - Sealing of Records

HF 648 - Investment Advisors - Expungement 

HF 605 – Energy Benchmarking

HF 644 – Criminal Procedure Rules

HF 429 – Intra-District Enrollment

HF 474 – Newborn Safe Haven – Adoption Agency

HF 101 – Suicide Prevention Information

HF 652 – Combining Cosmetology and Barbering Boards

HF 604 – Teacher Empowerment