The Iowa House has voted to forbid some of the secrecy surrounding agreements between school district officials and educators who are dismissed for inappropriate conduct with students. Representative Dustin Hite, a Republican from New Sharon, said he’s disappointed in the number of confidentiality agreements in Iowa that let a teacher or coach accused of grooming or abusing students resign — and the allegations aren’t disclosed to prospective employers.

“We don’t need people that are doing this to our kids going from school to school to school,” Hite said.


Hite and other lawmakers say “the vast majority” of Iowa teachers are good people and the few who are not give the profession a bad name.

Republican Representative Garrett Gobble, a teacher in Ankeny, said this is “one of the most consequential” education-related bills of the year.

“This makes sure that no amount of back alley dealing will allow those who would abuse children and betray trust to continue doing so,” Gobble said. “I stand with the good teachers and I won’t waste a single breath defending the bad.”

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