Representative Gary Mohr (R-Bettendorf) spoke with reporters in the House Chamber this morning on his bill to make retirement income in Iowa tax-free. 

House File 2026 was introduced the first week of the 2022 Legislative Session by Representative Mohr and 54 other Republican co-signers. This bill would immediately make all retirement income exempt from Iowa income taxes. 

"I've heard from so many of my constituents about the impact taxation on retirement income has on their decision of where to retire," said Mohr. "We see people change their primary state of residence to places like Florida, Texas, or even just over the border to Illinois, because those states don't tax pension income. If we can keep those folks in Iowa once they retire, that means they continue to contribute to the economy here in Iowa and to not-for-profits and to their local community." 

Speaker Pat Grassley said this piece is a high priority.

"Governor Reynolds included this policy in her Condition of the State address and 55 Iowa House Republicans signed on to the House File to get it done," said Grassley. "Clearly, there is enthusiasm about delivering this policy for Iowans. Representative Mohr knows this issue very well, having seen many people in his area cross the river to Illinois, because of this issue. Iowa House Republicans are eager to take this opportunity to cut taxes for every Iowan and eliminate income taxes for every retired Iowan."



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