Highlights in this edition:

  • Pushing Back Against the Woke Agenda in Education: Part 2
    • Of major note is the 2022 Protect Women’s Sports bill
  • Iowa Ranked 2nd Best State for Health Care
    • Broken down by category had Iowa ranked 2nd for cost, 6th for outcomes
  • Watch Your Mouth In Michigan as Left-Coast Insanity Takes Hold
    • A new bill regulates the language citizens can use and allows criminal charges if the language used makes a person “feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened” this includes if a person intentionally uses the wrong pronoun to address another - offenders would be guilty of a felony and could face a fine of up to $10,000 or up to five years in prison
  • Iowa is the BEST State to Retire
    • Bankrate rated Iowa the number one state for retirement after consideration of affordability, overall well-being, cost of quality healthcare, weather, and crime

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