Highlights in this edition:

  • Revenue Estimating Conference Makes Slight Adjustments to Forecasts for Fiscal Year 2024 & 2025
    • The slight decline $60 million in revenue comes from the next round of rate reductions adopted in the 2022 tax reform bill
  • Blue States Feeling Blue About Future Revenue
    • Minnesota Democrats increased state spending by 38.5 percent and spent down their budget surplus from $17 billion to $2.4 billion
  • Chronic Absenteeism in Iowa Schools
    • Iowa is one of only five states that saw an increase in chronic absenteeism
  • Exposure to Age-Inappropriate Material is Harmful to Children
    • Two lawsuits aim to invalidate recently implemented guidelines what is not age-appropriate material in schools
  • Study Finds Children Who Grow Up In Politically Liberal Households More Prone to Suffer Mental Health Problems
    • Among the differences that conservative parents displayed from liberal parents were the ability to "effectively discipline their children, while also displaying affection and responding to their needs
  • Public Retirement Systems Committee Hears Presentations
    • The IPERS report continues the trend of the funded ratio moving upwards seeing the highest funded ratio since FY 2012

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