Highlights in this edition:

  • Gambling Tax Revenue Climbs in December, But Still Lags Behind FY 2023
    • The Revenue Estimating Conference projected that gaming tax revenue will come in at $318.5 million which represents a $24 million decline from the previous year
  • Social Media Use Leads to Poor Mental Health Among Teens and Negatively Impacts Learning
    • When schools place limitations on phones during recess, researchers found that students exercise far more, burning off energy, fostering physical health, and promoting better attention in class
  • House HHS Committee Hears Presentation on Mental Health
    • Republicans approved nine different bills dealing with mental health last session
  • You Can’t “Yada Yada” Road Safety Anymore, with Feds Now Coming for Humorous Road Safety Messages
    • The Federal Highway Administration issued new guidance for states to stop using humorous phrases on electronic signs

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