Highlights in this edition:

  • More Money Going to Iowa’s Broadband Efforts
    • With this round’s allotment, the total funding that has been granted by the state for this effort is $501.8 million
  • The Push for Removal of DEI in Schools Continues
    • “(DEI) has become their new religion. They no longer going to church on Sunday, but boy, are they trying to make sure that everybody is evangelized on campus, that there’s only one acceptable viewpoint.”
  • Government Realignment Goes into Effect Next Week
    • Iowa will go from 37 state agencies to 16 agencies without eliminating services currently provided to Iowans
  • Last Chance to Apply for 65+ Property Tax Exemption—Due July 1
    • This is in addition to the homestead tax credit many Iowans over 65 already receive

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