• House Provides Reasonable Updates to Iowa’s Youth Employment Laws
    • The bill allows work activities for 14-year-olds such as using a microwave and loading and unloading vehicles
  • Definition of Age-Appropriate Material in Schools is Tightened
    • House Study Bill 219 tightens the definition of what is age-appropriate by making it clear that material which contains graphic images and descriptions of sex acts or sexual activity is not age-appropriate
  • Teacher Empowerment Act Designed to Protect Teachers From Classroom Violence Advances
    • After meeting with teachers, House Republicans advanced a bill which helps teachers address student behavioral issues and the onslaught of teacher trainings that take time away from their basic teaching responsibilities
  • Data and Evidence Do Not Support the Safety of Gender Transition Procedures on Minors
    • Sweden, Finland and the United Kingdom have already hit the brakes on medicalizing gender incongruence in children

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