Standing Committees


Administration and Rules

Chairman, Brent Siegrist
Vice Chairman, Jon Dunwell



Chairman, Mike Sexton
Vice Chairman, Derek Wulf



Chairman, Gary Mohr
Vice Chairman, Taylor Collins



Chairwoman, Shannon Lundgren
Vice Chairman, David Young

Economic Growth

Chairman, Ray Sorensen
Vice Chairman, David Sieck



Chairman, Skyler Wheeler
Vice Chairman, Craig Johnson


Education Reform

Chairman, Pat Grassley
Vice Chairman, Matt Windschitl

Environmental Protection

Chairman, Dean Fisher
Vice Chairman, Zach Dieken



Chairwoman, Anne Osmundson 
Vice Chairman, Stan Gustafson

Government Oversight

Chairwoman, Brooke Boden
Vice Chairman, Jeff Shipley


Health and Human Services

Chairwoman, Ann Meyer
Vice Chairwoman, Devon Wood



Chairman, Steve Holt
Vice Chairman, Bill Gustoff


Labor and Workorce

Chairman, Dave Deyoe
Vice Chairman, Tom Moore


Local Government

Chairwoman, Shannon Latham
Vice Chairwoman, Cindy Golding


Natural Resources

Chairman, Tom Jeneary
Vice Chairman, Ken Carlson


Public Safety

Chairman, Phil Thompson
Vice Chairman, Mike Vondran


State Government

Chairwoman, Jane Bloomingdale
Vice Chairman, Austin Harris



Chairman, Brian Best
Vice Chairman, Tom Determann


Veterans Affairs

Chairman, Chad Ingels
Vice Chairman, Matt Rinker


Ways and Means

Chairman, Bobby Kaufmann
Vice Chairwoman, Barb Kniff McCulla



Administrative Rules Review Committee

Chairwoman, Megan Jones

Vice Chairman, Sen. Mike Klimesh






Budget Subcommittees


Administration and Regulation

Chairman, Michael Bergan
Vice Chairman, Josh Meggers


Agriculture and Natural Resources

Chairman, Norlin Mommsen
Vice Chairman, Heather Hora


Economic Development

Chairman, Martin Graber
Vice Chairman, Charley Thomson



Chairman, Carter Nordman
Vice Chairman, Bob Henderson


Health and Human Services

Chairman, Joel Fry
Vice Chairman, Hans Wilz


Justice Systems

Chairman, Brian Lohse
Vice Chairman, Steve Bradley


Transportation, Infrastructure, and Capitals

Chairman, Jacob Bossman
Vice Chairman, Dan Gehlbach