This Week's House GOP Newsletter - May 16, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Fiscal Year 2025 Budget Ready for Implementation as Governor Signs Appropriation Bills
    • 2.5 percent increase in state aid to schools, which is projected to be an additional $87.2 million given to schools next school year plus $66.3 million in new funding to raise teacher salaries and an additional $14 million to increase pay to paraeducators and other school support staff
  • Secretary Naig Thanks Governor Reynolds, Legislature for Strong Support of Iowa Agriculture
    • Iowa’s prohibition on the foreign ownership of farmland will continue to be a model for other states
  • Teacher Salary Increase, Evidence Based Reading Instruction Bills Headline Education Bills Signed into Law
    • HF 2618, requires evidence-based reading instruction and tailored interventions for students who aren’t proficient
  • Biden Administration Favors Illegal Immigrants Over Iowans
    • Instead of protecting our borders, the United States Federal Government has decided to sue the state of Iowa for taking action against illegal immigration
  • Governor Signs Increase to Contribution Maximums for Educational Savings Plan Trusts
    • HF 2667 increases the income deduction limit on contributions to College Savings Iowa accounts by almost $1500
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This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 18th, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Support for Affordable Housing and School Cybersecurity Highlight Accomplishments
    • The Housing Trust Fund that supports affordable housing saw an increase in funding, SAVE funds can now be used for cybersecurity
  • House Pushes Left Leaning Ideology out of Education
    • Education data suggests that the lack of specific standards and a deemphasis on civics and history is having an alarmingly negative effect on students
  • Top Health Care Accomplishments
    • Rural Emergency Hospitals, Family Medicine OB Fellowships and Postpartum Coverage were key priorities for House Republicans
  • Election Security Remains a Priority
    • Safeguards around absentee ballots were strengthened
  • Child Care and Adoption Tax Credit Top Ways & Means Successes
    • Child Care Centers see a property tax cut and the adoption tax credit saw a significant increase
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 15th, 2024


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 11, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • Budget Work Picks Up Pace as House, Senate Appropriations Bills Unveiled
    • This important step allows Iowans to draw some comparisons between the different approaches of the two chambers
  • IEDA Awards CAT Grants and Sports Tourism Grant
    • Fort Dodge, Atlantic, Clear Lake, Mt. Pleasant, Kalona, Clayton County, Carroll, Rock Valley, Mt. Ayr and Newton all received grants
  • Programs that Help Workers
    • The adult and dislocated worker programs are designed to assist unemployed and underemployed Iowans to improve their skills and obtain quality employment
  • Connecting Public Dollars to Charitable Services
    • Another tool for local governments to utilize public dollars to help those in their communities who need assistance
  • Governor Signs Bill on Foreign Ownership of Land into Law
    • The new law increases reporting requirements, increases enforcement of current laws, and authorizes the Attorney General’s office to investigate reports of potential violations of Iowa’s laws concerning foreign ownership
  • House Passes Iowa Rural Development Tax Credit Program
    • The bill will save Iowans $1.8 million annually
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 8th, 2024

HF 2646 – Final Disposition of Remaining UST Funds

HF 2644 – Court Reporter Equipment Incentive Fund

HF 2681 – Traffic Cameras

HF 2686 – Government Realignment Clean Up

HF 2574 – Boards and Commissions Strike After Amendment Division Analysis

HF 2531 – Cabaret and Nuisance Violations

HF 2641 – IDALS Code Updates and Choose Iowa Promotional Program Code modifications

SF 2071 – Bingo Prizes

HF 2684 – Out of State Cannabidiol Registration Cards

HF 2463 – Driving Privileges for Drivers Under 18

SF 2370 – Governor’s Rules Bill


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - April 4th, 2024

Highlights in this edition: 

  • House Republicans Release Budget Proposal for Fiscal Year 2025
    • The budget outlines an increase of $402.8 million over the current year spending level of $8.55 billion
  • Department Seeks Public Input on Literacy Standards
    • The Iowa Department of Education is hosting a series of public forums seeking input on proposed updates to the state's literacy standards
  • House Advances Maternal Health Legislation
    • Medicaid postpartum coverage eligibility is extended to one year after birth and funding goes directly to entities helping pregnant women with prenatal nutrition, family economic self-sufficiency, housing, childcare, purchasing cribs, car seats, formula, and other things
  • Governor Reynolds Signs Iowa's Religious Freedom Restoration Act
    • The debate made clear Democrats do not understand RFRA or what religious liberty actually means
  • House Passes Iowa Rural Development Tax Credit Program
    • The program targets business with fewer than 250 employees and are not located in one of the 12 most populous counties in the state
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Bill Analyses - Week of April 1st, 2024


This Week's House GOP Newsletter - March 28th, 2024

Highlights in this edition: 

  • Governor Reynolds signs AEA, Teacher Salary Increase Bill
    • Beginning teacher salaries rise to $50,000
  • House Advances Child Care Legislation with $43 Million Impact
    • The Child Care Assistance Program sees an increase in funding
  • Texas-Style Crackdown on Illegal Immigration Goes to Governor
    • If a person has previously been caught in the country illegally and they later enter Iowa they are guilty of the crime of reentry into the state
  • House Passes Bill to Expand Tax Income Deductions for 529 Contributions
    • Allows tax free transfers from an Iowa College Savings Account to a qualifies Roth Individual Retirement Account
  • Changes to Minor Driving Privileges Move Forward
    • A student with this license is now limited to 25 miles, on the most direct route, in how far they could drive
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Bill Analyses - Week of March 25th, 2024


This week's House GOP Newsletter - March 21st, 2024

Highlights in this edition:

  • A Meeting Unlike Any Other … the March Revenue Estimating Conference
    • The conclusion of the spring REC meeting effectively fires the starter’s pistol on this year’s budget season
  • Senate Fails to Move Key Bills
    • Social Studies Standards emphasizing American history died in Senate Education Committee
  • House Passes Legislation to Avoid Tax Increase on Iowa’s Livestock Farmers
    • House File 2649 passed the House floor this week with unanimous support
  • Childcare Center Property Tax Parity
    • Property that is primarily used as a child care center or facility receive a tax break
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