(DES MOINES) -- Today, House Republicans released their spending plan for the Fiscal Year 2025 state budget.

House Republicans are moving forward with a state budget of $8.955 billion for the next fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024.  The proposed budget is an increase of $402.8 million over the current year's spending level of $8.552 billion.  This amount is an increase of 4.71 percent over Fiscal Year 2024.

The funding breakdown amongst the various budget subcommittees is:

Iowa House Appropriations Chairman Gary Mohr (R-Bettendorf) worked hard on crafting these budget targets. 

"Iowa House Republicans have once again proposed a responsible funding plan for the state," Mohr said "Our caucus has built a reputation for being responsible with taxpayer money, funding Iowans' priorities, and returning dollars to Iowans through tax cuts. Iowans expect this of the House Republicans, and once again we are prepared to deliver." 

Speaker Pat Grassley (R-New Hartford) expressed his support. 

"We have passed balanced budgets for the state of Iowa so consistently that now it often goes overlooked," Grassley said. "But when we turn to Washington DC or our neighbors to the North, we see just how messed up it can get. Here in Iowa, we have solidified the expectations for responsible budgeting principles and follow through year after year. And our hard work has once again put us in a place to further relieve the tax burden on Iowans." 

Budget subcommittees will finalize work on their individual budgets in the coming weeks. 


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