(DES MOINES) -- On Tuesday, March 19th, Iowa House Republicans passed Senate File 2340, a bill prohibiting a person previously caught entering the country illegally from remaining in Iowa.  The bill sets up a removal procedure for those in the state in violation of federal law. 

Representative Steve Holt (R-Denison) led the bill through the Iowa House. 

"There is a difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration," Holt said. "Yes, there are many in our country and our state illegally who just came here for a better life. We know that. But there are also gang members, drug dealers, and terrorists who are here endangering our citizens. We know that too. The federal government has abdicated its responsibilities and states can and must act. Many other states are standing up to protect their sovereignty and their citizens and Iowa must do the same."

The bill forbids law enforcement officers from arresting someone if the person is in a school, a place of worship, a health care facility, or a facility for survivors of sexual assault.

The bill passed through the Iowa House with a bipartisan vote of 64-30.



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