(DES MOINES) -- On Monday, March 25th, Representative Phil Thompson (R-Boone) led the passage of House File 2661 through the Iowa House. The bill contains three major policies to support law enforcement. 

The bill makes changes to IPERS for Sheriffs and Deputies including increasing the applicable percentage for retirement benefit payments. It also ensures that a person charged with murder of a peace officer or corrections officer, or felonious assault of an officer is not eligible for bail. And finally, it creates a tax credit of up to $2,000 for public safety officers moving to the state of Iowa. 

Representative Phil Thompson spoke to the significance of the bill in his closing comments. 

"House Republicans back the blue," Thompson said. "This chamber backs the blue. It's my hope that we can pass this bill unanimously and send a resounding message to law enforcement officers and correctional officers across the country that Iowa is a place that respects law enforcement and supports them in word and deed."

The bill passed unanimously through the Iowa House with a vote of 93-0. 


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