(DES MOINES) -- Today, the Iowa House Republican caucus outlined their priorities heading into the 2024 Legislative Session.  House Republicans are led by Speaker of the Iowa House Pat Grassley (R-New Hartford).

“Our 64-member majority spans across the state to all 99 counties,” Grassley said. “We have been out talking with Iowans, getting their feedback to help us set the agenda for the '24 Legislative Session. We have taken concerns we’ve heard across the state to build a bold agenda around key themes that Iowans expect action on.”

2024 Legislative Priorities

Improving Education Outcomes

Education is top of mind for Iowa parents and college students looking toward their futures.

This session, we’ll dive into Iowa’s K-12 education standards to ensure they are setting our students and teachers up for success. We’ll also continue our work to empower teachers and get them the disciplinary tools and compensation they deserve. 

Our higher education system has clearly lost focus on its true mission nationwide. This session we’ll continue our work to ensure Iowa’s higher education institutions are focused on preparing students to fill the jobs most needed here in Iowa and are doing all they can to connect students with internships and careers right here in Iowa.  

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Iowa

As our neighboring states to the East and North take a soft-on-crime approach, Iowans expect the state to keep their communities safe and hold criminals accountable. 

This session we’ll prioritize a safe and secure Iowa with policies that get repeat offenders off the street and deter the violent smash-and-grab mobs we’ve seen take over cities in other states. 

Iowans have made clear that they support our police officers and value protection for them. We’ll ensure the state is doing all it can to beef up law enforcement recruitment efforts and protections for our brave men and women in blue. 

Ensuring Iowa’s Strong Economy

Bidenomics has hit Iowans’ pocketbooks hard. Iowans need relief now.  Thanks to a decade of responsible budgeting led by Iowa House Republicans, our state is in a position to deliver significant tax relief that Iowans can feel the impact of immediately.  

In addition to tax cuts, we’re working on policies to make the process of starting a small business simpler so that red tape and confusing government policies are not what holds Iowa entrepreneurs back. We’ll also focus on policies that will attract out-of-state businesses to come do business and hire here in Iowa. 

Keeping Government Transparent and Efficient

Iowans expect a transparent state government that works for them. This session, we’ll prioritize government efficiency by working to modernize outdated IT systems and ensure government agencies make their tools and information easy to access and understand. 

With the state paying roughly 50% of the costs of Iowa’s senior living system, the Iowa House must step up and protect Iowa’s nursing homes and health care institutions from being abused by out-of-state staffing agencies that are lowering quality and increasing costs. 


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