(DES MOINES) -- Today, Iowa House Republicans passed HF 902 on the floor of the Iowa House.

HF 902 c
reates a process businesses must follow to allow medical and religious exemptions from any COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Additionally, it guarantees that employees who are fired due to their decision not to receive a COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for unemployment insurance.

Speaker Grassley praised the legislation as a meaningful step forward in protecting against federal government overreach.

"After months of hard work, careful consideration, and listening to the stories of Iowans, I believe we have found a meaningful solution to protect Iowans and Iowa businesses from the Biden Administration's extreme government overreach.  As this bill passed with bipartisan support, it's clear even Democrats recognize the dangerous behavior of the Biden Administration. As things progress, we will continue to push back against the federal government's attempts to infringe on the rights of Iowans."

The bill passed the Iowa House with a vote of 67-27.


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