Highlights in this edition:

  • Support for Affordable Housing and School Cybersecurity Highlight Accomplishments
    • The Housing Trust Fund that supports affordable housing saw an increase in funding, SAVE funds can now be used for cybersecurity
  • House Pushes Left Leaning Ideology out of Education
    • Education data suggests that the lack of specific standards and a deemphasis on civics and history is having an alarmingly negative effect on students
  • Top Health Care Accomplishments
    • Rural Emergency Hospitals, Family Medicine OB Fellowships and Postpartum Coverage were key priorities for House Republicans
  • Election Security Remains a Priority
    • Safeguards around absentee ballots were strengthened
  • Child Care and Adoption Tax Credit Top Ways & Means Successes
    • Child Care Centers see a property tax cut and the adoption tax credit saw a significant increase

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