Highlights in this edition:

  • How Much Sports Wagering Tax Money is Iowa Collecting?  A Lot More Than Expected
    • Through January 2023, $1.4 billion has been wagered through Iowa casinos on sporting events with 8.4 million collected in taxes
  • Protect Children, Support Parents - Education Committee Prohibits Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Instruction in K-6
    • Children in these grades should be focused on curriculum and instruction in math, science, language arts and history
  • Tone Deaf House Democrats Fail to Support Hunting and Fishing Rights
    • Last year radical activists in Oregon attempted to ban and criminalize all hunting, fishing and farming through a statewide petition
  • How Much Does a Snowstorm Cost to Clean Up?
    • Through Valentine’s Day, the Department has spent a total of $25 million on winter operations

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