Highlights in this edition: 

  • Governor Reynolds signs AEA, Teacher Salary Increase Bill
    • Beginning teacher salaries rise to $50,000
  • House Advances Child Care Legislation with $43 Million Impact
    • The Child Care Assistance Program sees an increase in funding
  • Texas-Style Crackdown on Illegal Immigration Goes to Governor
    • If a person has previously been caught in the country illegally and they later enter Iowa they are guilty of the crime of reentry into the state
  • House Passes Bill to Expand Tax Income Deductions for 529 Contributions
    • Allows tax free transfers from an Iowa College Savings Account to a qualifies Roth Individual Retirement Account
  • Changes to Minor Driving Privileges Move Forward
    • A student with this license is now limited to 25 miles, on the most direct route, in how far they could drive

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